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Poem: Conscience by Ami Tricker (Guest Post)

You stand before me,
I gaze into your eyes,
Losing myself in dreaming what could be,
Underneath star-filled skies.
Your eyes, full of everlasting love,
Kindness, caring and innocent too,
Your hand shelters mine, like a glove,
You whisper, “I will stand by you, through and through”
A shadow of me, standing tall,
Standing strong,
Helping you up, if you were to fall,
Reassuring you that you’d done nothing wrong
You can do this, you know you can,
Hold on, just a little tighter,
Do not consider yourself anything less than,
You can do this because you’re a fighter!
“Who are you talking to?” shouted Mother,
Startled, I knocked something off the shelf,
I replied, “Just a pep talk to my significant other”,
All this time, looking through a mirror, I had been talking to myself.
My conscience
A little about the author:
My name is Ami, I am 24 and from Norfolk, UK. I volunteer as a community champion for Scope’s Online Community, Scope is a UK based charity who strive to achieve equality for disabled people. I love writing, photography and  superheroes! So much so that my fiance and I are having a superhero themed wedding in autumn, this year!
The main part of my blog has been about my journey to recovery – being hospitalised for 9 months, last year, and learning to walk again. I also raise awareness about conditions that I have had personal experience with. In general, I write about anything that makes me happy – trying to put more positivity back into the world!
If you loved it as much as I did, please check out her blog and other social accounts.
Emah OUT!

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