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November 2022

The weather is getting colder, the winds are picking up, and the seasons are changing. And with these changes, I can't seem to shake the encroaching feeling of newness all around. It feels as if I am entering into a new era of my life. Welcome to November, friends. I'm so glad you decided to… Continue reading November 2022


30th November 2022

Yeah, November has been good. I can't think of one hopeless moment. It was full of laughter and the theme for this month for me was just Mercy. I've been overwhelmed by the knowledge that I'm loved, that my life means something. And somehow all the anxiety I used to have just melts away. Been… Continue reading 30th November 2022


Poem: Hands

It bled. When metal punctured flesh Breaking through leathery skin, Tearing through muscle, Touching nerves, sending signals Blaring to your brain. Grazing bone, slicing through muscle again And exiting as it fastens flesh to splintered wood Prickly on the back of your hands You hung, splayed, displayed Suspended mid-air for the crime of Love. Carrying… Continue reading Poem: Hands

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Happy Birthday Reverse Falling!!!

Sometimes, I forget that I'm an actual, real-life published writer. Being a writer has been something I'd wanted to do with my life so much. It's still surreal that I wrote a whole book, published it and actually sold copies of my work. I can't believe it's been two whole years since I put this… Continue reading Happy Birthday Reverse Falling!!!

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Hello October 2022

Hello friends and welcome to another month. I'm glad to see you thriving, glowing and growing. And hey, if you're struggling, that's perfectly fine. Give yourself some grace. You're doing good. You're trying and that's progress. This micro-encouragement seems as if it's coming from nowhere, but things aren't so easy at these times, and I… Continue reading Hello October 2022