On the Trending Issue: ASUU STRIKE!

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is a body which monitors the welfare of Academic Staff in Nigerian universities and speak out against any injustice that has been dealt to University Academic staff by the government. Anyone who has gone through a Nigerian (owned) University knows that the ASUU's outbursts are usually in form … Continue reading On the Trending Issue: ASUU STRIKE!


My First Writing Experiences

When I was a kid, I wanted to be many things: Teacher, Vet, Photographer Etcetera. But I found my true love when my Mom started buying me and my siblings storybooks to encourage us to read. Initially her strategy was to give us a hundred Naira (money)  for every book we could complete. Some of … Continue reading My First Writing Experiences

Poem: Void

I believe there is a void. A pocket-dimension drifting behind HR office desks. I'm convinced that a creature lies In this drifting wormhole A creature that emerges and lurks in work spaces Hiding in file-cabinets. It can change its form into a virus Breaking down firewall Consume all my: Submissions Applications Proposals Curriculum vitae Resumes. … Continue reading Poem: Void

Can Google Tell the Difference between Good and Bad Content?

Twenty years before the use of the internet became so mainstream, nobody imagined that it would play such a significant role in marketing, but here we are today with Google just a click away, and we have almost every information we want at the tip of our fingers. Never before has information spread so fast. … Continue reading Can Google Tell the Difference between Good and Bad Content?