Flash Fic: Taste of Home

They say home is where the heart is, but ever since I can remember, my heart has been in another place. In the midst of Civil Wars and coups I strived to set sail, and leave the shore of that horrible place and migrate to the land of opportunity. To chase the American dream. I … Continue reading Flash Fic: Taste of Home


A Coward or Just Plain Picky

Is it a crime to want something awesome for myself? To visualize the best quality life? Am I a coward, to leave something that makes me unhappy, that saps my happiness, that drowns me in misery? It was on the 7th of January that I stood by the side of the road, waiting for thirty … Continue reading A Coward or Just Plain Picky

Poem: Don’t Violate, Vote (2019 Elections)

It’s just a few weeks to Nigeria’s elections again and everyone is rattled up. Any Nigerian who is old enough that electoral violence had become sort of a norm in our country.
The years are quickly passing away, yet, this mentality has been ingrained in our mind that we are almost permissive of it, by saying That is what they do. I would not like to point fingers but this culture of ballot boxes snatching and killings has to end now. The political parties who encourage and recruit political thugs need to know that their hunger for power is not worth our destruction.
Whether they win or lose, our lives must go on, so they must desist from this means to ensure their victory. We are tired of electoral violence. Nigerians are tired of hearing the same old story every four years. We want to top feeling agitated when elections are near.
And the masses of illiterates and vigrants who are being recruited everyday, given arms and bought over to disrupt elections, take lives, and destroy property should be aware that they are better than that.
Let’s stand against violence, yes share this poem. Let’s change the story this time around.


You there!
You holding the machete above your head
Poised to strike, poised to attack.
Don’t be too quick to take the swing
Don’t be hasty to end a life.

Four years ago, our were people burnt
And properties were destroyed
As you proceeded with your man-hunt.
With guns and knives and fists to punch
To steal and grab the ballot box

You chant their names
You wave their flags.
You say this one na do or die
But is it worth it when you start
To pillage, plough and plague the land

And let Nigeria’s blood stain your hands?

The day will come, the day will go
And so life will go on as it were.
Cast our votes with peace in mind

And the understanding that
This land is all of us to share
Election is not a tug of war

Don’t let your greed devour your conscience

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On the Trending Issue/Review: 10 Years Challenge

Top of the morning! Laddies. It's me again, Jacksepticeye, oh I mean Pewdiepie, sorry. I meant so say, it's your girl Emah Purple back again with another blog post. As you can see from the title, today's blog post is a merger between the scheduled posts for Mondays On the Trending Issue and Tuesdays's  Review. Yesterday, I … Continue reading On the Trending Issue/Review: 10 Years Challenge