The Loop. #9

Mrs Darkheart stood over her minion, enraged. Though she was silent, her black eyes shimmered dangerously like tar. She watched the creature that lay by her feet cower as it covered its injured eye with one of his wing. The door behind her was broken open. “Pathetic.” Was the only word that escaped Mrs Darkhearts’ … Continue reading The Loop. #9


The Adventures of Flo: In her Father’s Bosom. #23

An old white Mercedes pulled up in the Suleiman's family driveway. From the passenger's seat, an elderly man came out. He was tall and wore a brown caftan with milk coloured embroidery which ran down from the collar to his chest. The man was dark in complexion with a leathery, sun burnt face and a … Continue reading The Adventures of Flo: In her Father’s Bosom. #23

Hope from the Blue (first installment)

I know there are still a lot of flaws to it and i’m planning to keep editing it as I learn new quirks about writing but this story inspires me everyday and I would love to share it with anyone who is willing to read it. This story is two years old by the way!


Justin and Alice happened like a dream; their relationship was as natural as naturally possible. Just like breathing you could say. One could not even draw the line where they turned from best friends to a match made in heaven. Their relationship was simple in definition, Alice and Justin relied on each other. Among their friends they were the most envied. Not because they were both stunning and would look good together in a wedding souvenir jotter but because of how genuine their relationship was; how utterly real. Like any good relationship, they were first friends, then it blossomed, the awareness that there were meant to be together, that their very destinies where intertwined and they fit, just like a handshake.

Justin and Alice met in University. Justin read business management in while Alice studied the very unpopulated catering. How they met was like any ordinary encounter, Justin and his…

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