Welcome to August

Hello there. Thanks for stopping by. Obviously, we just entered a new month and as usual, I will be sharing my experiences and the life lessons I've been learning as I trudge through this wonderful life. The bible did say we should give account, so this is my way of reviewing my decisions, and mistakes.… Continue reading Welcome to August

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Ola July

Welcome to the new month everyone. Looks like we’re in the second half of 2021 already and as I always do, I’m here to give you guys the juicy details of my completely exciting life in June that is not totally boring at all. I will also be sharing my goals and hopes for the… Continue reading Ola July

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Hi March 2021

I think I've tried to write this post three times now. And every time I did, something happened to interrupt it. Whether it is my phone misbehaving or my data running out the moment I open WordPress or both. (Yeah, I am still using the same old phone I ranted about on this blog about… Continue reading Hi March 2021

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2021 Life Updates and 2020 Review (Resolutions)

Happy new year everyone. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas/New Year celebration. This is a late post as expected. I'm sure we have all come to the conclusion that Anne Idakwo will always be late in publishing her monthly update posts. Quite honestly, I think I just set a record of how late I… Continue reading 2021 Life Updates and 2020 Review (Resolutions)