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Hi June: Money Musing

Hi June Behold, we are in the sixth month of the year already. Looks like 2020 is in a hurry. I just hope it’s taking us somewhere nice. Hello everybody and welcome to another post on the EmahPurpleWriter blog site, where stories are etched in eternity. Taking a Retrospective Glance at May May came with… Continue reading Hi June: Money Musing

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Let’s Talk about Chastity

A week ago today, I wrote a post on my social media expressing my view on Chastity (it had very few likes or engagement) and how it was an unpopular virtue to follow today. After the post went live, I decided that I was going to dedicate an entire blog post to this topic. Shortly… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Chastity

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Mango Monologues

How fickle they are, those winged beasts. When my fruits still match the color of my leaves, tart, white inside and green all over. You never see then come around. They never want to nibble on the hard bitter flesh. But once the yellowing starts, oh, they appear from nowhere, pecking those grousome beaks at… Continue reading Mango Monologues

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STORY TIME! The Time I Ran Away from Home

I'm sure everyone has a "the time I ran away from home when I was a kid" story. Maybe you had a fall-out with your parents, or did the unimaginable, like breaking your mother's favourite glassware and your next instinct was go-go-go... I also have a running away story. It happened one year ago. I… Continue reading STORY TIME! The Time I Ran Away from Home

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The Adventures of Flo: Dreams #55

Flo laid on a raffia mat under the  mango tree in her father's compound. Her lips parted slightly, making room for soft breaths. The evening was still, the receeding sun and wisps of clouds seemed dazed by the long day. Only the silky breeze found energy to tussle the leaves of the heavy-set tree. Flo… Continue reading The Adventures of Flo: Dreams #55

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Let’s Talk About Insecurities

A few months ago, when life was still normal, and going outside the safety of our homes was not daring death, I was at work (or rather my unpaid internship without any benefits) and I and a work colleague were chatting about the topic, insecurities. Halfway through our conversation, she said, I am incapable of… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Insecurities