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Flash Fic: The Drummer Girl

In the dead of night, the tribesmen who do not slumber can hear it. The forbidden sound, rhythmically enticing yet dangerously disturbing. It is the sound associated with spirits, the first magic, the Priestess calls it, and a taboo among the villagers. The thumping that matches one's heartbeat sounds from a far distance, where the… Continue reading Flash Fic: The Drummer Girl

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Shut-Court #10

Read Previous installment here. Ebony sat on an over-sized stool that was clearly made for someone three times her size, set in front of a giant stone hearth. An empty tray of apple cores and bones laid on the tray that she set beside her. She had just eaten a hearty breakfast and was watching the flames… Continue reading Shut-Court #10

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STORY TIME! My “Moving” Story

Hello folks and welcome to the new week. No, your eyes do not deceive you. Indeed, I am publishing a blog post on one of the scheduled days. Today, I'm going to be narrating my experiences with moving. And whether the story moves you or not is all dependant on your interpretation. (See what I did there?)… Continue reading STORY TIME! My “Moving” Story

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Story Time! Leaving my Comfort-Zone. ALitFest2019

Your girl actually went outside. Here's what happened. The regulars on my blog (three of them) all know that I have a certain problem with interacting with people. Call it social anxiety or whatever but I will not diagnose myself and throw words around. Anyway, since January, I've been cooped up in my safe place… Continue reading Story Time! Leaving my Comfort-Zone. ALitFest2019

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Flash Fic: She Who Falls, He Who Flies

All she wanted was to die. Apparently, that was too much to ask for. She was tired. She had had enough of the searing pain that shot through her body every night. That throbbing that made her scream her throat raw, bawling her eyes out, wishing more, than anything that she was free from this… Continue reading Flash Fic: She Who Falls, He Who Flies