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Hello May

Hello friends and welcome to the month of May. As it is tradition, I shall be peering into the previous month to share my experiences with you all. But I must confess, writing this post was quite difficult for me. (It took me a whole week to write it.) There was so much I had… Continue reading Hello May


4th March 2022

THE FLOWER THAT BLOOMS IN THE DROUGHT is the most beautiful. It fights to stay alive when every other thing around it tells it to do what it knows how to do best: wither.It takes the drop, the lick of moisture and maximizes it and so among all the other yellowed leaves and wrinkled buds,… Continue reading 4th March 2022

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February 2022

Yo! February 2022 I’ve been doing everything I can to keep myself from actually writing this post. Not because I don’t know what to write about but because there is so much that happened in January that even now I’m still trying to grasp it all. But before I go into all the details, permit… Continue reading February 2022