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Hello April!

Welcome to the new month my lovelies! And lets just ignore the fact that I’ve been MIA for an entire week, without any explanation what so ever. Hehe.

Truth is, I was feeling quite unmotivated. There was nothing in particular that drained my creative juices, it was just that I was a little bit distracted by life. But I have warmed myself up to my usual schedules and I’m back and ready for action!

So we are finally in April. There is so much to look forward to in the new month; Easter, (which is one of my favorite holidays ever) and a trip to Lagos. Another happy side to the new month is the rains which should start seriously this month ( a relief from this sweltering March heat.) And I totally forgot that today was April fools day. It used to be a massively important day when I was a kid. But now, it’s just another day. I guess its the evidence of growing up.

So in a heartbeat, March is long gone and we are now in April. How the days fly. Reflecting back at the previous month, I would say that March was bit productive (except for the last week which consisted of me being a lazy bum) At the beginning of the month, I wrote down my goals for March which I will be reviewing now that we are at the months end. Glancing over them, let me just say that I won some and lost some.


  • I really enjoyed the feeling of sticking to my schedule so I’m going to try very hard to keep the streak going.
  • The KDP thing is something I should work really hard to achieve sometime in this month.
  • I would love to finish my WIP, but since it’s my first real full-fledged novel, I want to take my time with it.
  • Reaching 200 followers on the blog would be beyond amazing as well as getting 1000 twitter followers (pretty ambitious. I know)
  • If I could get a reasonable source of income this month, I would be so happy. I’m scrapping at the bottom of the barrel here but an upgrade in my standard of living would make me even happier as a person.
  • Most of all, I’m striving for a better mental health than what I experienced last month and generally, a healthier lifestyle.


  • On the plus side, March took me to my goal of 200 Word-press followers and 1000 twitter followers this month which was a high point!
  • I published my very first featured post by one very amazing writer, Ami Tricker.
  • In addition to that, I received more support than I had ever gotten since I started writing. I started a GoFundMe Campaign on a whim which had positive responses from people around the world. With their help, I was able to raise a hundered dollars to upgrade my blog. It’s amazing how people who simply read my random scribbling can believe in my dream to upgrade my blog and reach a higher level in writing and blogging.
  • Another major achievement was my pristine mental health. Even when I received a rejection notice from the publishing company where I had submitted a manuscript to in January, I shed only a few tears but I was back on my feet.


Right off the bat, My greatest let down was my lack of motivation to continue with my a-post-a-day streak. But this has made me to re-analyse my schedule and I think that in this new month, I will try to revamp my schedule. Although I am now in the sixth chapter of my WIP, I must admit that I was quite lazy in that department. In March, I made no effort towards publishing on Kindle even though I thought a lot about it. And finally, I still have not gotten a source of income. I have already mentioned that my manuscript submission was rejected, so there was that too. The thing that must be done in this new month is to carryover those goals which I failed to achieve and work twice as hard to make them a reality.


  • Upgrading and revamping my blog.
  • Setting up a new schedule for the blog.
  • Re-editing From The Blue, The Condition, The Loop and Sunrise Drowning for publication on KDP. (It’s ambitious but I would love to publish even one of these short stories at least.)
  • Posting a podcast. (It’s something that I always wanted to do.)
  • Making headway on my WIP.
  • Posting another video on my Youtube channel in forever.
  • Featuring many more Bloggers/Writers on the blog.
  • Finding new blogs to read and following lots of new bloggers.

I would like to sincerely appreciate everyone who sees me, reads my content and values what I have to offer. Writing is my dream and my identity and for so long, I felt like a writer living in oblivion where my words float around in nothingness. Now, seeing your support, your donations, your comments, your follows, your likes, it fills me with so much joy, I think I might explode. To think that people who do not even know me believe in me; It makes me very glad. Thank you all for your love and support. I will see you in the next post.

Emah OUT!


6 thoughts on “Hello April!”

  1. Happy April!
    I totally understand the lack of motivation to blog (I’m guilty of not blogging for months) but I love the fact that you didn’t give up and now are trying different ways to make it work.

    I wish you a very happy and self-satisfying April ❤


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