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STORY TIME! My Obsessive Tendencies

Ola amigos. It's been a while, hasn't it?Staying away from my blog has been excruciating but it was an inevitable happenstance. (Look at me being all  fancy with the grammar) Anyway, it's story time and I'm going to be sharing my experiences so enjoy. I'm not a psychiatrist/psychologist (whichever applies) so I would not know if… Continue reading STORY TIME! My Obsessive Tendencies

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Sorry I went MIA.

Sorry I went MIA for a while. Even though I said that I wanted to take a break in my last post, this absence was not planned in the least bit. I'm still having power issues and there were other problems inhibiting me also. Hopefully by this week, the schedule will continue as normal. Thanks… Continue reading Sorry I went MIA.

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Flash Fic: Better Not Waste

Years ago, when I was just a pup, this wasteland used to be home to many of my kind. The lucky ones had owners who built them little houses and gave them chewy rubber toys to play with. Some even lived within their master’s homes and slept on their beds! I used to see them… Continue reading Flash Fic: Better Not Waste

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Shut-Court #8

Read previous episode here.  “Silence!” Two eerie voices said in unison stopping the fracas at once. Ebony turned to see that the speakers were the two old sleeping trolls. Their eyes were still unopened but they spoke. “When greed has plagued the hearts of men and battle-flags they start to mend. Mad with desolation driving… Continue reading Shut-Court #8

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I remember when I was in secondary school, as boarding student then, I would draw out a calendar with a pen and ruler, mapping out all the days it took for the term to end. Counting down to the nearest holiday, when I would vacate and return back home. Every day that passed, right from… Continue reading STORY TIME! My Gap-Life

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The Adventures of Flo: Assault #48

Previous episode  Kevin seemed to be in a pleasant mood, even considering how Flo had lashed out at him earlier at their lunch date. Her anger had not faded away completely yet. Who did he think he was? What made him so full of himself? Flo thought as Kevin drove, humming to himself happily. I just… Continue reading The Adventures of Flo: Assault #48