Flash Fic: Dismay

He stares down in horror at the smoke rising from the floor. The smell of burnt flesh fills the house. At his feet is blackened soot. White bones are blackened to char. The visibly pored skin is curved and stiff like a dark cracker. He touches it and it shatters into dust. Flesh is a … Continue reading Flash Fic: Dismay


The Loop. #14

Molly, Mummy and Baby lagged behind and watched as Ina giggled at every word Gaardi said. Ina would stumble and Gaardi would catch her before she fell and she would stare deeply into his eyes and apologise and giggle. Ina was acting so out of character that the other girls couldn't help by wonder why. … Continue reading The Loop. #14


Suddenly, I decide to fix my mess At the spur of the moment, I decide to clean up my act.  Abruptly, I want to make things right. But then, it ends there. I don't make another move but that.

Sleeves: A Dangerous Place for a Heart to be.

I'm sure we've all heard the expression, "Wearing your heart on your sleeve". In relationships, we are expected to adorn ourselves with that accessory by being open to our true feelings. It is something that prevents unnecessary complications in relationships. It shows people our true feelings, and who we really are. Such openness helps others … Continue reading Sleeves: A Dangerous Place for a Heart to be.