I Need Your Support

Hi guys, for the very first time on this blog, I have a very huge request to make. If you've scrolled all the way down to the archives, you will find out that this blog is indeed 4 years old. I started it having no idea about blogging but through the ages of inconsistency, I … Continue reading I Need Your Support


Flash fic: Ophelia

Someone like me: a product of the toilet of the streets should not understand the meaning of love. Me, a bona-fide vigrant in the sense of the word. We are not like them. We who hang merchandise around our necks like jewelry, and stand by the road-side for hours on end. Our skins are burnt … Continue reading Flash fic: Ophelia

Poem: Conscience by Ami Tricker (Guest Post)

You stand before me, I gaze into your eyes, Losing myself in dreaming what could be, Underneath star-filled skies. Your eyes, full of everlasting love, Kindness, caring and innocent too, Your hand shelters mine, like a glove, You whisper, "I will stand by you, through and through" A shadow of me, standing tall, Standing strong, … Continue reading Poem: Conscience by Ami Tricker (Guest Post)

Shut-Court #3

  Read previous installment here. James' search took him past what seemed like a lounge where overturned chairs, empty bottles and glassware were scattered on the bar. A stale and musty smell that filled the air. A wad of moldy torn curtains were draped over the bar like the decaying carcass of some unknown creature. The … Continue reading Shut-Court #3