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Hello May

Hello friends and welcome to the month of May. As it is tradition, I shall be peering into the previous month to share my experiences with you all. But I must confess, writing this post was quite difficult for me. (It took me a whole week to write it.) There was so much I had… Continue reading Hello May

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Hello April 2022

Hello Friends and welcome to the month of April. If you are reading these words right now, I want you to know that you are such a precious person and you have no idea how happy this single action has made me today so thank you. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I… Continue reading Hello April 2022

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February 2022

Yo! February 2022 I’ve been doing everything I can to keep myself from actually writing this post. Not because I don’t know what to write about but because there is so much that happened in January that even now I’m still trying to grasp it all. But before I go into all the details, permit… Continue reading February 2022

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Happy November

Hey! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you read this post right now. Or how joyful I feel to be typing away on my keyboard. Every monthly highlight blog is a testament to God’s goodness. I may rant on most of them and whine about how out of control my life… Continue reading Happy November

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Ola July

Welcome to the new month everyone. Looks like we’re in the second half of 2021 already and as I always do, I’m here to give you guys the juicy details of my completely exciting life in June that is not totally boring at all. I will also be sharing my goals and hopes for the… Continue reading Ola July

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Hi March 2021

I think I've tried to write this post three times now. And every time I did, something happened to interrupt it. Whether it is my phone misbehaving or my data running out the moment I open WordPress or both. (Yeah, I am still using the same old phone I ranted about on this blog about… Continue reading Hi March 2021