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Happy November

Hey! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you read this post right now. Or how joyful I feel to be typing away on my keyboard. Every monthly highlight blog is a testament to God’s goodness. I may rant on most of them and whine about how out of control my life is. But the truth is that I can keep writing these words every month because of God’s grace over me. I write because I’m alive and I’m alive because God has been so faithful. Before I just start writing all over the place, I just want to welcome you into the new month. HAPPY NOVEMBER!


October was a trip, I’ll just start by saying that. As bad as September was, it turned out that September was using training wheels.  September was learning work. It was not easy at all. October was in a whole other world of stress and chaos. The only stillness I had was from 05:30am to 06:00am every morning where I managed to have my devotion time. After that, life careened without control downhill until I laid down upon my bed at 11:00pm to sleep. I didn’t have the faintest clue about anything, I wanted to quit my job so much but I kept asking every single day for God to show me what HE wanted. I just wanted to pack my bags and be off and so my prayer throughout October was, “Lord. Show me the way to go.”

All the stress and tension finally caught up with me when I fell ill sometime in the middle of October. I’d not been sick for a while and I kind of took it for granted. And I understood that in all the busy, busy business, hidden beyond the folds, grace laid. Beyond my complaints, God was doing what He did best, being good. When my body failed, I realized that all this time, I was fine. Life was excellent, ideal and I should have been praising even louder. Thankfully, I was administered treatment and recovered fully after about a week.

The highlight of the month was attending a healing and miracle service at Dunamis. I don’t usually go out much so getting to go somewhere had already won me over. I was so excited to go and was not disappointed by my experience. I saw God move so mightily that eyes opened, joints were readjusted, bodies replenished. Yesterday, while I was reading my devotional, I fumbled to John 5:1-18 when I was supposed to be reading read, Job 5:1-18. Although it was a mistake, the contents of that passage reminded me of that healing and deliverance service that day. And somehow, God reminded me that there were no oopsies in Christ. Everything is planned out and intentional. The passage in John talked about the man at the pool of Bethsaida waiting for the waters to be stirred.  I know all too well of being in a waiting season, and a waiting season that seems almost perpetual at that. But thirty-five years of struggling melted at the inclusion of Jesus in the equation.

Although the miracles would seem sensational to some, (and that can be off-putting when you consider people who are out looking for over-the-top miracles and stories to tell) it brought my mind to two main things;

  1. Intimacy with God: I am aware that God does not exist to serve man or simply to meet our fleeting desires. But the arrival of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, all of that was to bring us a step closer to the throne of grace. It was all for intimacy. And when a word of prophesy goes out and you hear your exact situation, it shows that God’s eyes are set on you. He is looking. He has never stopped working to bring you closer to Him.
  2. The limitless power of God: It’s easy to be jaded when we have gone through enough disappointments; when we see miracles in abundance for other people, and for you, that is just not the case. But seeing these diverse works of Jesus, still curing incurable illnesses reminds me that Jesus Christ has never stopped. The victory count is still increasing. And I could rest in the fact that as his power is limitless, so is His love.

Finally, at the end of the month, I took a super short break, still asking God for answers. Although I didn’t hear an audible voice saying, “Anne my child, hear the word of the LORD! Quit your job this second,  (which I would have loved) move to Lagos, and start to preach the Gospel on the streets of Oshodi”. God gave me peace. As I keep listening and keep waiting, faith is reinforced that as long as I keep believing, everything will work out for good. I may not know the details, but it’s all for good.


Thankfully, God had given me a few days to rest physically from work to just recharge. I’m planning to make the most of it. I have some school work to do of course, but it’s so wonderful that the break coincided with my usual monthly fast. From my experiences in the previous month, it’s clear that every single thing will most definitely work out for good. No matter the direction God finally gives me, it will be the best. While I wait, I will keep enjoying God’s faithfulness and goodness over my life. The faux coincidences of having power to type this right now and getting an hour to nap before the power goes out are blessings I’m counting and naming one by one. Please what are finances? What is a husband and family? What is a social life? Although I’d love those things, the absence of them won’t make me deny God His full praise.

The year is ending and for me, it’s a huge opportunity to reflect. And if I reflect on the past and I cannot utter a word of gratitude for all God has taken me through, then I’m a hypocrite, a pretender, and the fakest of all fake Christians. I’m thankful for the past month and all its challenges and I’m thankful for the coming November, December and 2022. God has done so much that I can’t possibly take for granted. I predict that in the next month, when I look back at December, the theme of gratitude will continue to prevail. Until then,

Emah OUT!

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