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Poem: Parched

Let it flow.

Let great drops cascade and refresh my soul.

Spread out

In the expanse

Acres of arid land,

Thirsty for the rain.


The heat

It feels as if I am sealed in

A plastic pag

Suffocating as I break through

I hear the cackle

Optimistic that it’s thunder

But it’s not the warning signs of rain

But the sizzle of my thick skin

Under the furnace-sun.


Let the darkness come.

Let heavy clouds blot out the sun

Let the wind churn the stale air.

Open! Flood gates.

I’m ready for the outpour.

I’ve stayed in this wilderness too long.

Drench me to my bones.

Bless me with rain,

So when the cloud clears

Dead roots will sprout again

And from the distance,

I will see the radiance of the rainbow

And a perephery of luscious land.


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