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Blogging Post Review: Look What I Found.

Ola amigos! I welcome you warmly to another edition of Reviews: where I ramble on about movies, books and topics from all walks of life.

Today, I will be reviewing… Blog posts.  (Not really) Rather than “reviewing” them, what I will be doing today is more on the side of sharing.

As much as I love to write blog posts, I have discovered that I have a more enjoyable experience whenever I decide to be the reader of other people’s Stories Etched in Eternity for a change.

Some weeks ago, I proceed to ask other bloggers on twitter to leave links to their blog posts and after burning through about 50 different posts from different bloggers of different topics, I found that I was feeling more inspired, enlightened and entertained than ever. It was such a wonderful experience to be the listener for a change so I decided to attempt it again.

Yesterday, I posted a similar message. I asks my fellow bloggers to leave a link to their blog posts and after reading through them, I’ve decided to share the ones I really enjoyed and connected with here.

What’s in My Wonderland?

The first blog post I will be sharing with you guys is titled My Reading Q&A from the blog, What’s in My Wonderland? who is an ASPIRING AUTHOR, BOOK LOVER, LIFESTYLE, and PHOTOGRAPHY BLOGGER.

It is basically a post where the writer is answering questions related to her reading habits. As a fellow reader, I really resonated with the post. I started reading quite early too and although I have not read the dictionary and the entire Bible (yet), I think I understand the thought behind such a strong passion and love for books.

It’s a wonderful post so please check it out.

Hope Chilinda

To be honest, I was already sold when I discovered that she was Zambian. As a fellow African blogger, the Afro spirit was already kicking in. Her blog post is titled Living With Depression: Tamaki’s Story.

The post is a short story about a young typical Zambian girl named Tameki who suffers from depression when her mother and bestfriend dies. She is being abused by her step mother, and ignored by her father. She feels her life slipping away from hers as she fights through the depression.

I just loved reading this post. It was like reading my own story. I understood so intimately her story and I was so proud that the writer was addressing mental health in a typical African society where the topic is a downplayed.

I do hope you can check out her blog to see the world THE WORLD THROUGH A ZAMBIAN PLAIN JANE’S EYES.

That is all for today. Visiting other blogs really is and inspiring experience and I hope that you enjoy all the posts that I shared. Ciao!

Emah OUT!




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