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Musings: Same In Our Diversity

From my twenty-four years of consciousness, I have learnt that our experiences are relative. No two people in two similar situations experience the same exact thing. There is variety in life. People come from different backgrounds and cultures and it is when we breech these walls of diversity that we truly experience empathy: When we peer into another individual’s soul to see them and see life from their perspective, that’s when we really connect.

This is one of the major reasons why I love to read and why I am pursuing a career in writing. Reading opens you up to a myriad of other experiences while penning down your feelings displays who you are to the world. It is waving a sign for others to see you and understand you even when you don’t understand yourself.

I project myself into my characters because I imagine myself feeling what they feel: being in love, losing someone, experiencing betrayal, achieving their dreams, losing themselves. It’s a way to grasp life in all levels, not just how I see it at the moment, but how I could if I were in their shoes.

And because of this, I hate cliches. I am not a cliche. I am an Idoma girl but I probably won’t make a perfect ideal Idoma wife who obey’s my husband’s every beck and call. I am Nigerian but I am the most honest person I know: I don’t have a fraudulent bone in me.  I might look like a plush toy but I don’t like body contact. I might be a millennial but I don’t feel entitled.

My tastes are very eclectic. Whether it be music, food, movies, books. I want to see any and all perspectives. I used to be obsessed with Ireland when I was younger, now it’s Japan. Why? Because it’s uncommon and different and I believe that diversity holds magic.

My new found desire to explore the world and become a travel writer/blogger is because of the possibility that I, can be taken from the world I have been familiar with all my life and be thrown into a real life adventure. To meet people who have seen life through different eyes and think differently, who have different values and beliefs and faiths. A reason why I would love to marry someone from a different race from mine is because it is uncommon and unexpected. There is a sense of adventure in the uncertainty.

And I guess that apart from identifying the diversity in life, a a cause of my curiosity is to also spot a similarity that runs through us all, a universality.

Though I am unable to physically travel the world now, the internet has made it possible for me to meet all kinds of people from around the world. I had the opportunity to chat with Americans, British, Dutch, and others from around the globe causing me to learn a few things about them. And even better, I noticed that my writing, through this blog, has reached even more diverse people from different backgrounds.

From my gleaning, I have learnt that we are all different but the same. We an resonate toward each others stories no matter How different. Race doesn’t mean anything. Rich and poor is a pointless classification. We are all living thinking beings. Connected by our sentience. We are all the same in our diversity.

Emah OUT!



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