On the Trending Issue: Valentines

It’s a brand new week again, and time for our weekly show- oh, I mean blog post about trends and other common trivialities. Today’s topic is going to address that good old pink and red season, where baby-cupid is out being his usual delinquent self again.

Love is in the air, as they say, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, cakes, sweets and chocolate tokens and being prepared with the aim of being presented as a gift to that special someone.

I would have given the origin of Valentines but it all a bit boring with stories of martyred saints, and strange roman rituals where lasses are being whipped by sacrificed dog’s tails. (Like all ancient traditions, it’s origins are very warped.). I’ll leave a link to something I read on the origin if you are interested at all. But origins aside, in out time, Valentines is a day dedicated to showing love and adoration through the presentation of gifts and acts of romance.

For me, Valentines day has not been such a serious thing. I have not received any memorable valentines day surprises and gifts. (Yup! Never had a valentine before.) But in secondary school, I remember that the day was a huge deal to some people.

Oh Valentines! What a wonderful day in Federal Government College, Keffi. Just observing the affairs of that day was exciting enough. The senior girls usually looked forward to getting surprise gifts of plastic roses, teddy bears, valentines cards, body sprays and perfumes. And in the evening, when these gifts were usually received (during night prep), the friends of the receiver would bear the gifts in hand (along with whomever it had been addressed to) chanting round the hostel. “See fancy leather! See fancy leather!” (I know. Savages.) I was really a sight to behold as these teenage girls would show off their cheap gifts to everyone, to the envy of girls like me who never received as much as a card. Most of these presentation of gifts usually sparked new relationships among these post-pubescent teens. It was very dramatic, it was a big deal.

I remember one valentines back in school, in my senior year when all the SS3 girls made a silent pact to make the hairstyle called “Kiss” in honor of valentines day. (The hairstyle was small cornrows braided back with the front being curved in sessions at the front of the hair).

This is actually the closest image I could find to the hairstyle but the curves in the front usually faced each other forming a sort of arc hence the name ‘Kiss’

Anyway, that was not the official hairstyle given by the school that week but the SS3 students thought that they could get away with it because they were seniors. I didn’t do the “Kiss” hairstyle but I didn’t do the school hairstyle either because my hair was too short. The hair style I did was called “Shut up” (I know. We had weirdly named hairstyles) But in the end, we were all logged together and given a punishment to gather and burn the school’s garbage heap. (Pretty harsh right?) The next day we all took off out valentines inspired hairstyles and made the proper school style. The punishment ruined the day for a lot of them.

Another school valentines story I just cant forget is from when I was in SS2. This girl who this happened to was in SS3 at the time and she was pranked by her own friends on valentines day. They took an empty box wrapped it, and stashed in her locker like some secret admirers valentines gift. When she found it during night prep, she was so excited and she and her friends chanted the usual celebratory “See fancy leather” chant round the hostel. When they finally reached her room to open up the gift, she found some empty vessel inside and her friends laughed at the humiliated girl. Cruel isn’t it?

Valentines haven’t really been a big part of my life. It had always been a day that comes and goes but I must admit that there are times when I wish that I would get some gifts of grand declaration of love by some significant person. That being said, I also feel that we shouldn’t wait for a particular day to do nice things and be romantic. If and when I have someone in my life, I will make sure to do nice things for him, valentine’s day or not. To reiterate, the excitement and expectation of getting a treat or gift is quite exciting and I can see why the day is so popular.

If you have any fun valentines stories to share, or weird valentines gifts that you got, hey, share it below. Tell me what you have got planned for this 14th and what surprises you hope to get, or give. And if you don’t have a valentine yet, how about asking me to be your valentine? It would be nice to have my very first valentines gift, though virtual. Have an exciting Valentines, Thanks for reading through my post and Adios Amours.

Emah OUT!


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