Musing: Familiar

One quote one always hears is, “When there is life, there is hope.” But another that should be as popular is “When there is life, there is an opportunity to learn.”

I believe that as we keep growing, no matter how old we get, we should see every opportunity as a medium to learn. We should be quick to draw out lessons from stories we hear, and reflect on every single detail with the hopes of getting some useful information.

Because of this, some people have told me that I think things through too much, and I must confess that my attention to detail has made me a little obssessive. But I must admit that there are some issues which I have overlooked and taken for granted.

This is related to my family, specifically my parents. And of course I would overlook the gravity of their actions and details of their personality. They are family and therefore too “familiar” to me. I’ve seen them every single day of my life and so they become this repetitive element of routine. But recently, I’ve come to see my parents in a totally new light. As not just people who raised me, but individuals who have stories of their own.

To be really really specific, my focus is on my Dad. He has always been someone who I saw on this high castle, so far away from me and my world. He was a strict disciplinarian who would scold us for bad results. I hardly exchanged a conversation with him growing up except “Good morning/afternoon/evening). When we were younger, I and my siblings would run away from the parlor whenever he came back from work, and it was not necessarily because he was scary but because he was simply “Baba.” as we all call him.

I can count the times I ever hugged him in one hand, and I have never in my life said “Daddy, I love you.” That last part is a matter of culture but the point is that there was always this understanding that Baba was this man with high expectations who always wanted his kids to do things right.

I recorded a video a few days ago where I talked about my father.

I realised after a very long time of being around this man that he is compassionate, kind, visionary and optimistic, not only as a father but as an individual. He is someone who is dignified in the simplest actions, noble and honest to a fault. I also realized that he was once a child like me, as strange as it sounds, I always thought he dropped from the sky, but the realization that he had his own hardships in his own time growing up, struck me with so much understanding, of just of who he really is.

All these are qualities which I have been blinded to because of the consistent image that I saw since my childhood and this realisation has filled me with so much gratitude.

Everyone starts somewhere, but growth is always constant. And if one follow up their goals with consistency, they are bound to reach it. My father is an excellent person because he strived for excellence all his life and I have learnt that I too can follow the same path if I stick consistently to my ideals just as he did.

I don’t often say it to my self enough but I am blessed to have such as father to look up to. I might have been a little too familiar with the image I grew up seeing but from this moment, I will never take it for granted again.

Emah OUT!


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