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Flash Fic: An Invisible Friend

I found myself in a strange place where no one knew who I was. I was alien, insignificant, an anomaly that didn’t belong.

They asked me to get out. “What are you doing here? There’s no room for you.” They said. “How did she even come here?” I didn’t know neither did I know the way out.

I would wander for hours through the cramped street and alley ways, trying to find some passage from this dreary  place. I would open random doors only to find myself in another part of that town, where one of them would say “You are still here girl? Go away. We want you out of the way. ” But they never showed me the way, they just left me to wonder aimlessly.

One day, as I wandered, I found myself lost in a myriad of interconnected halls. It was like a labyrinth as one door led to another darker, more cramped hall. Sometimes I would run into someone who would scream “Go away!  You are still here? Why haven’t you left yet? We don’t want you here. Leave! ” And then I would try to scramble away but every door I opened led me to a deeper, darker place.

In the moment of my exhaustion, I crouched down to cry, covering my ears, closing my eyes. I wanted to disappear. Then I felt a hand peel mine from my face, and strong fingers intertwined with mine. The hand pulled me to my feet and I opened my eyes to see no-one.

I gasped but he called my name. No one had even asked me my name sinc I appeared in this wretched place. But I heared my name. “Follow me” the voice said in a whisper, “I’ll show you the way out. “

There was no one but I felt a thugg. The invisible friend led me through the massive halls, opening one door after the other, then came into long alley ways and then narrow streets until he brought me to a small door. Squeezing my hand reassuringly, he said “This is our way out of this horrible place. I’ll lead you out. Just follow me and we will be free.” I sighed for relief as I stepped outside the door to see lush green grass and a road that would lead me home.

I clung to what should be the form of him but he told me that there was no need for me to hang on to too tight anymore. “I’m afraid if I let you go, I’ll lose you and never find you again.” I explained to him. I couldn’t see his face but I’m sure that he smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m here. Always here, I will always be here.”


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