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Ever heard of the cartoon network show called Groj Band? I used to love it when I was…(not exactly a kid)  I used to love it until they stopped airing it. (Yes I still watch cartoons). The premise was basically this kid who has a band but have trouble getting songs to play. Well, he has a teenage sister who when she is pushed emotionally, she spews out her feeling in her diary, which her brother steals and uses as a song which his band plays to.

My brother used to make fun of me whenever the scene came up that teenage sister would explode into a vortex of words and scribble with smoking pen into her diary. He would look at me during the scribbling and say with a sing-song voice “Inspiration…” The joke is that I am the angsty teenage sister who would spill out world when in a highly emotional state (Cause I’m a writer). In other words, the sister is my inspiration.

Every content creator knows that inspiration is not a fire that burns constantly within us. Sometimes, life gets in the way and we feel a little too unmotivated to pick up that pen, or open up that laptop and click away. But one source of inspiration is when you see someone with similar goals and challenges. Just yesterday, I was reading about Anne Frank and I wanted to explode with emotion. She was everything that a young writer like me ever desired the be. The stuff in us, the drive to etch our stories and experiences on the face of existence. That similarity inspired me, and I thought, “what is my excuse for not fulfilling my duty as a scribe”. It’s not just because we have the same name, it’s about leaving our mark above all odds.

Apart from the immortal Anne Frank, I met with someone recently who has similar goals with me and we have made a pact to boost each other in the race for literary success. (Yeah, it’s less dramatic than that.) The point is that seeing someone who has the same worries with you and works towards similar goals does something to make you go the extra mile. Today, I’m feeling really inspired, and so I will fan the flames until in turns into a bonfire that will consume the entire world.

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