Nepa the Heart Breaker

NEPA the Heart Breaker

Dear Nepa,
Our relationship is the perfect example of dysfunctional
you come and go anyhow you like
you deceitful little dog of many faces
yet when ever you arrive; sometimes with a low, dull countenance,
I would scream your name.
sometimes, as if just to test my patience, you would go back the moment you came.
but that was our relationship.
I valued it.
I treasured whichever moment I could spend with you.

Now you have acted crueler than ever.
you have left for four days; disappeared as suddenly as the blink of the eye.
each day, I hoped for you to come back.
every night, I would lay down hot, sweaty, in the darkness of your absence, listening only to the buzz of disappointment.
and I would wish that you would just surprise me.
“maybe tomorrow” I would think.
“maybe tomorrow you will come and illuminate my life.”
but it is tomorrow and you have not come.

And I see you around Nepa, that is what breaks my heart more.
at the house in the other street, I saw your brightness, your electric chatter. you cheating bastard.
I understand that I need you so much and that is why you disappoint me so. If there was someone else who I could replace you with, I’m sure you would step up.
But until then, I will keep enduring our relationship, hoping you would come back to me and I will keep asking.
“Why so cruel?”
“Why so heartless?”
“Why do you always break my heart”
Nepa why?
NEPA! Why wont you bring the Light?!


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