The Adventures of Flo: A Frightful Sight in The Night. #5

Fright was one thing that hardly affected Flower Jiya. She could watch a horror movie with gore, monsters, Aliens and every other creature of the night without flinching. She could also watch ghost-movies and chuckle at the jump-scare moments. She could see through plot holes of Psycho-thriller movies. Flo was not one to easily be scared, that was why she knew that whatever had made her to cover herself with her duvet in the middle of this burning March night like a terrified child, whatever made her to cower like this, waiting for morning to come had to be a heck of a real life horror show. Flower supported her dwindling torch between a shrug, sweating profusely in the pocket of light which she had created with her duvet. She wrote in her jotter what felt like her last words. She shivered at the thought that the impending evil was lurking just beyond her ‘refuge’, waiting to get her.

She wrote.

I shiver right now. My heart feels like it’s about to explode. I’ve covered myself up even though I doubt that a flimsy blanket can possibly protect me from ‘it’. I am sweating profusely, but that doesn’t bother me. I just want morning to come. I have tried to convince myself that it is all in my imagination, that I did not see a pair of glowing eyes stare at me through the window, that I did not feel a dark presence around me. I really hope that I will read through this write-up someday and laugh at myself for being so scared, but right now, I’m terrified.

It all started with this girl who my mother had brought from the village to help out with the house work. She is only eight years old. Her name is Halimat. She never speaks to anyone. My mother said it’s because she can’t really speak English but I never bought it. She only speaks with this raggedy doll made of straw and thread which she brought from the village. I can’t even really describe what creature the doll was but it was creepy. In the middle of the day, I usually found her hiding in corners of the house conversing with this doll. “I eat food today, what you eat?” she would say to the doll. I even caught her feeding it one day. I thought it was weird but I never said a word about it. I didn’t want to follow the house-girls-are-witches cliche. I thought, ‘probably, she’s using the doll to get over missing her family in the village.’ It was not like she had any friends.

This morning though, my mother asked her to do the dishes. Later, Mom found out that Halimat had thrown all the dishes away, broken them all at the back of the house. Mom was furious. She punished the girl by asking her to kneel down for thirty minutes. (Pretty considerate when you think about how much my mother treasures her dishes) Anyway, after the punishment, Halimat disappeared from the house. I and mom searched everywhere for hours but we couldn’t find her. Eventually, I heard whispers from my room closet, walking slowly, I heard her saying “They wicked people. Wicked. I hate them You ma hate them too…” I opened the closet and asked her to get out. For a few seconds, she refused to follow my instruction. She just stared at me with so much hate in her eyes. “Halimat, get out.” I said more sternly. She did. I took her to my mother and reported what I saw to her. My mother had the same look which I had on my face. But to my surprise, she asked me to leave Halimat alone. That she knew how to ‘deal’  with the situation.

Where things got even weirder was when I decided to take the matter into my own hands. When it was evening, around six thirty, Halimat was helping my mother to cook in the kitchen. I stole the opportunity, sneaked into the room, grabbed Halimat’s doll and then went to the back of the house to burn it. As I set it ablaze, I heard a shrill scream, Halimat came charging at me, screaming at me. “What you do? What you do?” she screamed at the pile of ashes which used to be her doll. “He come. This night! He will come for you!” I felt a bit of fear and them laughed. I figured that she was trying to make me scared. I pushed her aside as she watched evilly but I felt this chill from her gaze. This evil.

This night, a few hours ago, I laid down to sleep in the room I and Halimat shared. She sat up, refused to sleep. I ignored her, figuring that this was all part of her ploy to scare me. Shortly after falling asleep though, I woke up, I had this eerie feeling as if I was being watched. The power was out as it usually was during dark scary nights, I couldn’t see a thing yet, I felt this sinister presence around me. I blindly felt for my torch, just to dismiss the paranoia. ‘Stop scaring yourself, there is nothing there’ I said as a switched on my torch and flashed around the room. (Tears are filling my eyes right now) As the beam of my torch hit the window, I saw a dark silhouette, some kind of beast (I’m not crazy, I know what I saw) looking at me through the window with glowing red eyes. In shock I shifted the beam of the torch to Halimat to see if she also saw it but… well, she was sitting up on her bed just as she had been when I had gone to sleep but her eyes… oh my God… Her eyes were shining just like the beast’s.

Maybe writing my thoughts down is a bad idea. I’ve been covered up like this since I saw those eyes, and morning just doesn’t want to come. I always knew that there was evil in this world, but I never knew that it was so close. Like on-the-bed-beside-you close. God…

Flo heard a sound, foot steps and then a bright beam. The light focused on her through the blanket and a hand peeled it of. She switched off her touch and crouched. she didn’t know if it was the creature coming to get her or…

“Korola. Are you okay.” Her mother’s voice said.

Flo looked up. With relief she jumped up and hugged the woman.

“I had a dream-” her mother tried to say.

“Mummy. Halimat is a witch.”Flo screamed pointing at the girl.  Her mothers expression did not show any doubt as she moved the beam of her torch to the evil little girl. Flo glanced at the window but did not see the creature. They spent the rest of the night awake. They next day, they would send Halimat back to the village.


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