The Adventures of Flo: Chiamaka, The Best Friend. #3

Flower Jiya, nicknamed Flo knew the merits of having a great best-friend. In a world where there were so many back-stabbing snakes called ‘friends’, she was glad that she had a person like Amaka to call her friend.

They had known each other since they were kids, Chiamaka had first been her neighbor when Flo’s family had moved from Kaduna to Niger state. She remembered seeing Amaka for the first time and thinking that the girl looked like a bully. The girl was fair, tall and bulky in stature. The way she stared at Flo made her to associate Amaka’s eyes with a torch. She had a nasty scar under her chin, the wound look awfully recent. It was after Flo got to know Chiamaka that she discovered that she was not a bully at all, but had in fact been a victim of bullying from her older brother Ebuka.

Chiamaka had a lovely personality. She was nice, funny and social. Amaka, her friend always listened to her. That was the best thing about their friendship. Flo could tell Amaka what she dared not tell anyone else. She would always be confident in Chiamaka’s tight lip. Her friend never judged her, even at times when she should have. There was no tension between them, no pretense, no shame, no need to impress. Chiamaka always listened to Flo’s ‘fantasies’ with wide eyes where four handsome men would be fighting for Flo’s love and she would even make suggestions of which of the imaginary men, Flo should chose. She played sports back when they had been in school and had won various medals. Amaka gave Flo a lot of positive attention from teachers  and their peers in school. The girl was simply a wonderful addition to her life.

In University, they parted. Flo had been fortunate to get admission into the University while Chaimaka had not. Despite that, there was no sense of envy or contempt from Amaka. To Flo, there were her other friends, and then there was Amaka. The two of them had agreed to support each other’s dreams, pull the other up, when one friend was down, and defend the other in times of trouble. Chiamaka had done her part, but Flo admitted that she had not. She stared at the screen of  her smart phone at the message she sent seconds ago. “Wonders shall  never end.” she had typed and had meant it. How could she react like that at news about her old friend? She had gotten a text that Amaka was in a terrile scandal. She was pregnant, a pastor’s daughter. The story had spread within her mates from school. It excited many of them. They had seen Amaka as a star back when they were in school, now that this incident had obliterated her light, they laughed at her shame. “They said that the man is married, Flo. Can you imagine? The man’s wife even sent people to beat ‘your’ friend up.” The girl who sent the message to her had typed. Flo had immediately withdrawn at the thought of associating herself with a ‘Husband-snatcher’.

Flo felt bad at her reaction. She had let down her friend even without confirming the truth. She let her self-righteousness get in the way and she judged her best-friend. The story made waves. Everyone had heard about it yet, Flo could not pick up her phone to call, even to confirm. She knew that if she was the one in Chiamaka’s shoes, she would call at least to confirm the truth and not condemn without confirming. In fact, Amaka would not condemn her at all, she would support Flo through hell or high water. Rather, Flo cringed. She saw her friend’s name flash as the caller ID and she cringed. She ignored the call and from that day, never spoke to her friend again. That was the end of their friendship. Flo cut their connection not because of the rumors, she did it because of her own betrayal of her friend. She had always prided herself in her morality but she knew that her initial reaction of condemnation against her friend had actually condemned her.


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