The Adventures of Flo: Introductions #2

Flo did not know exactly who she was writing to but she just had the desire to write. The power had gone out and she supported her dim torch between her neck and her shoulders as she scribbled into the wedding souvenir jotter from her cousin’s wedding that took place the previous month. She had been saving the jotter for ‘something special’ and she guessed that this was it. She didn’t know who she was writing to, but she just had the urge to write. And that is what she did.

My full name is Korola ‘Flower’ Jiya. I am twenty years old. I consider myself a very good girl. Morally upright in my stand. This, is an introduction which I am writing and I guess the audience is whoever might be interested in knowing me.

I am a Nupe girl from Niger State, Nigeria, the last born and first girl of my family (even though I am not the youngest girl in the house. You know how, Nigerian homes are.) my father is the princial of the federal government college, Minna and my mother sells used shoes. My older brothers are well, we don’t have quite a relationship but Yakubu the oldest teaches Chemisty in a school in Suleja and my other brother, Kolo is a proffesional sleeper (he doesn’t have a job yet, sleeping is basically his only activity for the day.) I’m sure you noticed the ‘flower’ in my name. That is what I mostly go by, even though most people just call me Flo. I had to change it because some people back in secondary school thought it wise to call me after a brand of Japanese vehicles. Toyota Corrola (I know, it’s not even funny). Anyway, I decided to change my name to it’s English translation, and it stuck.

I love to read, how that love affair started is an entirely different story for another day but the ‘love’ has driven me to hope to be a writer. Though I am not as imaginative and creative to think up stories, the concept of turning thoughts to written words excite me. I guess that is why i’m writing all this. I guess… this write up is a painting of my soul.

She skimmed through what she had written. Impressed, she rubbed her eyes and stashed the jotter under her pillow.


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