My Hero

The Caped One

Watches me from a distance

He smiles faintly,

Revealing perfect dentation and affection.

The wind blows His hair into a beautiful mess and His cape sways behind Him.

It is Scarlet. Almost liquid in it’s texture

He is strong.

His muscles bulge as he stretches both arms towards me.

And His chest, oh His chest

It is as broad as a wall. As though if a truck ran into it. It would shatter into a million pieces.

And written in gold in the centre of His chest was the letter ‘S’

Representing the word ‘Saviour’.

And He saved me.

In the back drop of chaos and destruction, He is the bright shining light.

Turning that dark, stormy, turbulent night into a bright shinning day.

With that beautiful face

The light of His counternance.

I will run into Your spread out arms everyday.

My Hero.


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