Nigerians, Read! Your life Depends on it

I was analyzing my stats and I realized that the number of foreigners who view my posts are much more than the native #Nigerians who are the main audience. The views are not so much to begin with but in every four views, three are from UK, US or Norway and one from Nigeria. It makes me wonder what all the reaches on my Facebook page is. I’m not even making this observation in regard to my posts but in regard to the terrible reading culture in this country. No body has time to read anything thus so many people have missed opportunities to change their lives. Books are not only for entertainment but for enlightenment. The power of words even enter the realm of the supernatural since mystics chant certain words to cast spells. Jesus made the world with three words, ‘Let there be LIGHT!’ I cannot even start emphasizing on the importance of literary proficiency. And it is a shame that we #Nigerians brush it off as if it is nothing. Many #African #writers move out of the continent because there is no interest in reading, even if it’s for academics, it’s difficult for people to read and it’s rotting this nation to the core.
#Nigeria or not, i’m convinced that I will make it as a writer, but for #Nigeria to make it as a nation, the individuals have to tap into the abundant resource of knowledge which are books. Being too lazy to read is the apex of laziness because you are too lazy to know. I posted a poem which nobody read and it shows how helpless we are because we are afraid to read. I only hope that this article would be able to change some people’s perspective about books when they #read it. if they read it.

2 thoughts on “Nigerians, Read! Your life Depends on it

  1. They are still people who will drop anything to read a good write up. And for now, those are your audience. As for the lazy ones, you only need to make your title and introduction compelling enough. You will get there.


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