Keep on keeping on.

There is a fine line between ambition and delusion. the question is, at what point do you realize that your dreams are not feasible. how long do you push towards your ambition before you realize that you are chasing the wind, a figment of obscurity.

for me, this dream of being a writer has always resided in my heart. the idea that you can create an entire universe simply by thought intrigued me and i knew that prose fiction is what i was born to do.

but as i grew and still grow, i come to weigh the possibility and the work-ability of that dream. are you a writer where no reader exists? i guess yes but the thrill of prose fiction is forming fantastic words where readers can stroll through and marvel. one of the setbacks to my ambition (a fact that makes me to debate it’s feasibility) is the terrible reading culture today. the disappointment of checking my stats everyday and realizing that 0 people viewed it. but i know that patience is a key to getting there. Rome was not built in a day and it takes time for an audience to develop.

Another set back is inexperience. though i am studying English Lit in Uni, i have little knowledge of creative writing. there is a high level of creative and a low quality of writing. and despite the internet, in my immediate environment, there is little or no interest in the field, talk more of educating about the field.

the fact that they are few problems though does not make it any less workable. i have to pair enough belief along with hard work and i will definitely make it.i may label it as delusion to fight so much for it but the fact is that if i keep on keeping on, i’ll win the race.


2 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on.

  1. I understand completely. I’m 35, graduated college last May (attended as an adult student) and am still trying to make it as a writer. Life gave me a detour of many years of family commitments, but I’m making some progress I think. I do both creative and freelance journalistic writing. I had a professor at my school who is now a published novelist but didn’t get her first short story published till she was in her 30’s and her first novel at about 40. She always tells her students to never give up on their dreams because writing is important for our souls and you never know when you’ll be published! So keep learning and improving and getting yourself out there and you’ll find your audience eventually!

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  2. Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know that my thoughts are heard. Someone once advised me that if you want to be a writer, write. Even though no one reads it, keep writing. And I think that is what we are all doing, Every up coming writer in the world. To make our thoughts eternal on print is a sign that magic resides in those thoughts. I think that our place as writers is to keep publishing our ‘magic’ until the world appreciates it too.


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