Africans why No Read?

Paper make from wood

Wood come from tree

Tree grow from ground

We go to ground when we die

Our life tied in knot

Man tied to words

so why you no read brother?

Why you run from book?


Word come from thought

Thought come from brain

God make brain so

we no make mistake.

why leave brain empty?

brain like water pot

book like water

why make pot useless?


them say if you hide in book

you hide from us?

is talk true?

if true, why true?

man fly because of book

why you hate book so much

why you dont read?

why you dont want to fly?


without book,

there no sense

without sense.

we no see

in darkness. we fall down

why we like fall down?


why you no read?

Why we complain say we no know?

when we read book and know

why complain about everything?


why you say there no food

book teach us farm

we cry there no light

but it inside a book

you talk i write bad

no body teach me book.

why we chose to die

because life inside book.


we can read?

if life depend on it?

i tell you. life depend on book.




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