The Caped and The Courageous

Humanity is in need of a new specie

A breed of man that is not driven by self

But a tang of emotion in their heart

so vibrant that

it leads them to give their all

And step in the gap to feel the pain of the hopeless


Existence is in need of a hero

caped in red dripping like the Blood of Christ

unafraid to be crucified

to lay down their life for their friends

To scream the name Jesus!

without shame and believe that that roar

can wipe away the worlds pain


The universe needs people of courage

a race that can stand up to darkness and shine

A walking beacon of light

to shine out to those drowning,

sinking into the tempest

sliding in the slick dark waters as thick as tar


there is a vacancy

would you apply?

do you want to be among the caped and the courageous?


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