The Lovely Lion

The Lion, The Lion

The Lion has a head.

All over his head the brown mane spread

So luscious, so lovely

Silky and smooth

The color of honey

The picture of truth


The Lion, The Lion

The Bold and the brave

Mighty in ferocity

Without any shame

King of this territory

With eyes of burning flame

Author of history

That is your name


I’m in love with The Lion

The one who never sleeps

Though, a Lion, He changed to a baby sheep

To express an affection transcending beyond specie

The great Lion of Glory, of Gold

Fulfilled the destiny of pain that

they foretold


OH Lion, OH Lion

Roar out my name once more

Remind me You love with your mighty call

And I’ll tell the world

You are my all in all

The one who’ll deliver

From Every barrier

Destroyed the deceiver

Oh Lion of Judah

The Creature of Power

The Lion of my Heart.



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