Hope from the Blue : 2

If Alice could not be more in love with Justin, he made it happen. One Saturday morning, he called her and asked her to come to where he worked, she obeyed and he grabbed her by hand and took her on a short stroll. They stopped in front of an uncompleted two-story building and he said.

“What do you think about it?” as they looked at the building.

She looked at it quizzically wondering why he had asked. “It is a building.”

“I mean, what do you think about it for our business?” he finally clarified.

The building needed to be worked on, there was no plaster on the wall which had been browned by season and one part of the roof had been blown off. It was the perfect description of a crack house/ brothel. In the hot sun mixed with the haze of evaporating urine, Alice stood there and day dreamed. She saw the building transform into the café of her dreams with pastel pink walls and a coffee brown sign reading ‘Just-Alice’s Café and Bakery’ (the name was Justin’s idea. he thought the pun was both funny and appropriate. He was doing all this just for Alice) she imagined people sitting on the patio outside drinking tea and eating cupcakes, several vans parked by the side, also pink and brown, uniformed men and women carefully loading the van with tiers of cakes.  Upstairs, she and her team would be busy making eatable magic in their state of the art bakery. The day dream seemed more like a vision. It seemed like the location she had always imagined whenever she closed her eyes to visualized ‘Just-Alice’s Bakery’.

“So…” Justin said expectantly.

“It’s perfect. But is it for rent? It looks abandoned, where could we find the owner. I’m sure if we put a good deal, he would be willing to rent it to us. It’s in the middle of town which is excellent. But think of the money we will spend on refurbishing the place. And we barely even have enough saved; we would spend half of the time of our rent and even double of the money we paid fixing the place up. But I guess we can work towards it.” She finally said.

Justin smiled like a mischievous child. “What if I told you that the place is already ours?” he said.

Alice nudged him on his shoulder. “Stop playing jor!”

“…Seriously. It was such a good deal; I couldn’t refuse the offer so I bought the place.”

“Eh?” was the only thing that Alice could say. She blinked in disbelief. “You said bought? Where did you get the money?” she said as tears of joy blurred her vision.

“Our savings, my salary… I thought I would surprise you.”

Alice almost knocked him down with the hug, she didn’t even care that people watched. “God bless this man, I love this man…” she muttered as she squeezed the life out of him.

When he finally got her off him, he said. “Baby steps you know, that’s what we are taking but we will definitely get there.”

On their way back, Justin said “I guess in a while, I’ll start saving money for some jewellery.” It was his way of stating his intentions about marriage…


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