Cradle me in your Arms : A Poem

I have never known

what it’s like to be held

To be comforted when

Gallons of tears cascades

And the pain just claws

At your heart.


But i have always wanted to.

I longed to feel the warmth

Of the one whom i will love.

The echoes of beating hearts,

The rhythm blend

Causing our souls to dance.


I want to fall in love.

Free fall into his arms

Not splattered on the floor

I want to make someone smile

When he lays in bed

Going through forests of memories,

Finding the flower that is me.


I trust, i believe, i have faith

That I’m not bound to be alone

That he is out there, waiting for me.

Waiting to love me regardless

Of looks, my imperfections.

I trust that he will love me much more

Than i ever loved myself.


Until i meet him, i will dream

I will see us in a lucid city

Seeing sights we were born to see

Seeing us, what we will be

Close together, i and he

Cradling me in his arms

Shaking away all the pain.


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